Family Session with Grandparents, Lethbridge AB

July 3, 2018

As I get older I often think about getting pictures with my parents. Sometime after high school it seemed like there just wasn’t as many photo opportunities to get us all in the frame and especially now with my kids I really want those memories. Now normally extended family photos are NOT something I offer, I just find the ultra posed big group shots get in the way of really authentic interactions. However I am a big fan of bringing a set of grandparents to your family session, granted they are on board with a more lifestyle based style and not portrait. These grandparents are perfect examples on how to embrace this kind of session!


These photos tug on my heart strings so much! Grandpa and Grandma were to open to just having a wonderful time with their grandkids and just loving on them!

Not only is having grandparents at your session awesome to remember period but sometimes I really find in my family sessions the more the merrier. My lifestyle is truly relaxed and based on drawing out authentic moments and not getting perfectly posed portraits so more people is just more love!

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