Tucker Family at Writing On Stone

October 26, 2018

Picking locations can be very tricky, there are many things to consider. Ages of all the people involved is one, where the light is going to be is another. I also like to think about if we will have room to explore and to oppurtunity for spontaneous play. Also depending on location it can be a storytelling component in itself. Writing on Stone is a little ways out from Lethbridge but I really knew it was going to be the perfect location for this family. With 4 boys all not being little ages anymore I really wanted them to have the space to be themselves.

The Tuckers are the first family I’ve sent out my new questionnaire to! My goal for moving forward is to do more prep work before our sessions. That way we can all get to the session ready to achieve the photos and moments that you really want. Our session is a collaboration between you and me. I sincerely hope that if you go to book a session with me that you do so because you love my previous work and eye for photos and feel confident that I can help bring your vision for your session to life!

What I absolutely adored about this session was all the little moments that happened between this family. I love shooting big families but I know from personal experience they can be tough to feel like everyone is connected. But here everyone just meshed so wonderfully. My goal is to always to try to capture the authentic ways your family interacts with each other.

I always try to get some couple shots at a family session. Your whole family is here because of your love for each other, and that needs to be captured!

If you would like to book a session for yourself go here I have a few spots left for August and then I’ll be booking into September.



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